Lanark Branch: 01555 660000

Lanark branch: 01555 660000

Non-Orthopaedic Referral Services

Clyde Vet Group Equine Hospital is on the BEVA list of approved practices willing to take equine emergencies


We have a custom built operating theatre with adjacent fully padded recovery room. Induction can be undertaken using a crush door if required and a vet always conducts anaesthesia.  Horses are maintained on isoflurane and a mechanical ventilator can be used when required based on the blood gas picture. During anaesthesia the horse's blood pressure (taken directly), blood gases, exspired CO2 and ECG are monitored. Most horses are recovered from anaesthesia with our assisted recovery system.


Routine procedures undertaken:

  • Colic surgery
  • Rig operations
  • Foal surgery
  • Ruptured bladder repair
  • Hernia operation

We currently undertake approximately 150 general anaesthetics per annum.


  • Investigation of weight loss, chronic colic or hepatic disease
  • Investigation of poor performance
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Neurological problems
  • Neonatal disorders
  • Gastroscopy
  • Echocardiography
  • Overground endoscopy


  • Tieback operation
  • Videoendoscopy
  • Surgeries are conducted in-house by Geoff Lane BVet Med DESTS FRCVS. 
  • Routine procedures undertaken:
  • Hobday
  • Tieback operation
  • Tie forward
  • Overground endoscopy
  • Laser treatment of upper respiratory tract problems


The Hospital undertakes routine studwork including AI with either frozen or chilled semen.


Doppler and colour flow ultrasound capability for equine cardiology, orthopaedic, gastrointestinal and respiratory examinations. 


Treatment of Atrial fibrillation


Sandy Beveridge and Stewart Armstrong, both Fellows of the Worshipful Company of Farriers and Examiners for the Company, conduct referral farrier work from the hospital either as part of the case management or as a referral from another farrier.